Believe it or not when it comes to starting a new exercise program,

one of the biggest problems I hear…

Is the fact that people say they are SCARED!
Might sound daft to you or it might not, but i hear it all the time
You see, just the sheer thought of walking into a busy gym,

Full of mirrors, posers and superfit people taking selfies….

Can be enough to put ANYONE off!
Trust me, I worked and managed in gyms for the local authority for nearly 10 years

When people are unfit, out of shape and a little concious…

That’s the LAST thing you want!
So when new members come down to OUR little Centre….

That’s the last thing they are gonna see



You see, our little team were (and some still are)….

In EXACTLY the same position as you,

So they understand and know exactly what it feels like!
That’s why all our members are so welcoming, helpful and encouraging to newbies
, if this is the kinda thing that puts YOU off….

You reaaly need to check out Julie’s testimonial!
Julie ‘Jaffa Cake’ Hackett left us this nice testimonial a few year back…..

Go check it out…… CLICK HERE
^^^ True inspiration for anyone!
Listen up, if you really wanna get in shape this year….

and youre sick of putting it off

And you’re READY to make some changes….
It’s time to make the first brave step!

Don’t be scared…

Head over here>>>

And let’s get started TODAY
Darren ‘Ready and waiting for ya’ Tyrie
aka MrT
Ps. If you get a spare 2min, go check out Julie’s testimonial….

here is that link again CLICK HERE
Pps. If you are wondering why we nick named her ‘Jaffa’?….

Believe it or not, but I actually caught her eating Jaffa cakes in one of my sessions! hehe

(Story for another day) But never a dull moment at Bootcamp 😉
Speak soon