Have you ever done something stupid and really regretted it after?

Erm, I have!

Well, quite a few times to be honest,

But like I always say, you only LEARN by making mistakes

One of my really special moments was a few year back when we went on holiday,

3 days into the holiday, everyone starting asking me about how tanned I was?!

And a little bit orange?

I’d only been there for 3 days and I had a better tan than the locals?!

It only turns out that I picked up the aftersun lotion with FALSE TAN in it!

Obviously me being vertically challenged, I got called an Umpa Lumpa for the rest of the whole holiday haha

Anyhoo, what the heck has this got to do with your results?

Great question!

You see, I see people making BIG mistakes every week in this industry…

People following silly advice from their friends, family or work colleagues

People wasting money on ‘weightloss tea’ and all sorts of crazy fad products on the market

listen up, before you make anymore mistakes and waste your hard earned money…

I’m gonna give you the BEST advice you’ve EVER had to help you with your results,

The ONLY way youre gonna get back into shape is by realizing…


Until you accept this and accept the fact that you have to make some CHANGES….

And start doing the WORK…

The quicker youll get those results!

The good news though?…


Let me guide you, SUPPORT you and get you in the BEST shape of your life….

Just like I have helped hundreds of people just like you,

No more mistakes, let’s do things the right way!…

Start Today….


Darren ‘Tanatastic’ Tyrie
aka Mrt

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