Yoooo, first all I must apologize for not blogging for nearly a week….

Things have been a little hectic in the Tyrie house and work has been crazy busy
Anyhoo, I got a message from one of our members the other day,

He’s been struggling with motivation and struggling to get his weight down for months….
So obviously I recommended him to try my 21 Day body Transformation Challenge
You see, originally when I designed the challenge,

It was designed to give my members a KICK START
When you are in a bit of rut, one of the best ways to spur you on is to SEE some results quite quick….

Once you see the results, it spurs you on to KEEP going!
I mean, who wouldn’t be motivated by dropping 7-14lb in just 3 weeks?

Or dropping a dress size or a Jean size?
Just check out this message I got from Brian last week….

”Hi mate just wanted to let you know I’m going away for the week so been going through some old clothes I’m totally gobsmacked I’ve went from 42 inch jeans now fitting in 38 inch comfortably and got shirts and coats I’ve never wore for years.

I’ve went from xxl down to xl and some even large feeling amazing and so happy with my progress . Been with friends today and they’ve all noticed the difference, what a feeling” 
^^^If that doesnt motivate you, I dont know what will

Anyhoo, I know you’re keen to shed some weight and get some good results….

Cuz you you wouldn’t be here otherwise, right?

So, I’m gonna give you chance to work with me!
I can teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition, exercise, supplements and  hormones….

Access to ME as your very own Personal Trainer,

With unlimited SUPPORT and guaranteed results!….

Listen up,my famous 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge starts in just 3 weeks

(Saturday 1st July)
If you REALLY want to do something about your weight

And your sick of hiding under baggy clothes….

Let me help you!
Let’s kickstart YOUR results…

Secure your place TODAY!

Non members CLICK HERE

We have just 12 places left and they are filling quick

Darren ‘The kick up the ass everyone needs’ Tyrie
Aka MrT

Ps. Don’t forget, you get unlimited access to all my super charged workouts (and home workouts) when you sign up to the 21 Day Challenge

Check out the timetable….. CLICK HERE
Speak soon