I just happened to mention that I had the most delicious cheesecake on the planet to one of our members the other day…

And her jaw hit the floor!
I guess she thought I’m an exercise junky and I don’t eat naughty food haha
Honestly, I had the best cheesecake ever from our local café!
The thing is, I do like my food

And I DO like my naughty treats!
Did I feel guilty for scoffing it?….
Definitely NOT!
You see, believe it or not MrT is JUST like everyone else!

I appreciate nice foods
The only difference though, I like to EARN my treats


Instead of treating yourself regularly (which most folk do)

PLAN your treats ahead, work hard and EARN them!
Do this my friend and you will look forward to your treats and appreciate them even more…
And of course, you won’t feel GUILTY!
The problem that a lot of people face these days, is that they TREAT themselves FAR too often.
High sugary foods (like cheesecake) give you an energy burst…..

But if you aint gonna utilize that energy, your gonna get FAT
It’s really that simple!

Anyhoo, there was in fact a BAD side to the scrumptious cheesecake!….
I don’t eat this kinda food very often and I was STARVING just 2 hours later 🙁

You see, if shedding FAT is your goal, a high sugary meal is the WORST possible thing to choose!
The sugar gives you a quick spike of energy, sends fat storage hormones out of control then sadly it is followed by a sudden DROP!
Yup, energy levels PLUMMET and it’s not long before you are STARVING again and craving more SUGARY FOODS.

If you’ve ever had the 10am munchies, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!
More sugar in the diet, leaves you craving MORE sugar

Do me a little favor,
Try the recipe below and see if you can see what I’m talking about…..
This little recipe CLICK HERE is the perfect breakfast to help CURB your appetite and leave your fuller for longer
It’s got ZERO sugar!….

So you’ll get Zero mid morning munchies 😉

Here is that link again>>> CLICK HERE

Darren ‘Not Guilty at all ‘ Tyrie
aka MrT

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Speak soon