Yoooo, how’s things going?

This week I’ve been a wee bit busy as usual.

But on top of everything, I’ve still managed the find the time to do spot of studying….

(I normally do it on evening when the Mrs is watching Boreanation Street or Dramadale Farm)

Anyhoo, this week I’ve been looking through some research papers about Mindset, motivation and WILL POWER, and I came across something that might just be of interest to you!

Something i kinda know already but some of the latest research just reaffirms it…..

The thing is, I ALWAYS hear the same thing from people…..

‘I wish i had the will power’


‘i don’t know how people have the willpower’

Let me tell you something….

It’s not the fact that some people have will power and some don’t…

Its got something to do with your BRAIN

Yup, different parts of the brain are activated to provide us with motivation and will power

If you want to be all nerdy, its the Frontal Cortex that is responsible for it

(Right at the front of your head)

Anyhoo, to my point….

When folk become TIRED and STRESSED, different parts of the brain are activated and the Frontal Cortex is used for more important functional purposes,

and your willpower and motivation DISAPPEAR!

One of the big studies that proved this theory tested it out on a few hundred participants…

They put down two types of food in front of fatigued people and put put down the SAME foods in front if fresh people that had adequate sleep and less stress.

2 choices, healthy and unhealthy options to see what what they choose

The conclusion?…..

The MAJORITY of the participants that were NOT fatigued, made WAY better choices!

Kinda makes sense right?

Have you ever been super motivated and positive but as soon as you get stressed, your diet go’s straight out the window?

Have you ever come in from work absolutely shattered and still managed to stay motivated to eat salad? Not likely!


My top tips for you this week…..

Get MORE SLEEP and control your STRESS

Trust me it works!

I’ve  had MUCH better results with my one to one clients when we get the stress and sleep back under control!

if you need a bit of extra SUPPORT and feel like you could do with DE-STRESSING!….

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Speak soon

Darren ‘the little book worm’ Tyrie
Aka MrT

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