I might of mentioned the other week…

MrsT has had me doing a spot of D.I.Y again


And it’s seriously starting to get on my nerves.

Ive been doing little bits here and there,

And trying my best to get out of doing it whenever I can.

The thing is I CAN do it, I just DON’T want to do it….

It’s time consuming, it’s messy (when i do it it is)

And its BORING !

I actually spent 6 hours on my day off, sitting glossing the spindles and skirting boards..

How exciting is my life these day?

Kill me now

Anyhoo, as I was sitting painting and singing my little heart out to a bit of Elvis Presley the other day…

This whole thing made me think…..(dangerous I know)

You see, its EXACTLY like your results…

Not many people enjoy getting out of their comfort zone and getting a sweat on…

Not many people actually WANT to workout…

And not many people actually follow threw and FINISH what they started.

Get this though,

My decorating is nearly finished and on Saturday we are having the carpet fitted…

It’s all starting to come together and its gonna look pretty damn good if I say so myself.

Your RESULTS are exactly the same.

If you just keep pushing and DO the work,

Its all gonna pay off!

Not only will you LOOK great, youre gonna FEEL great too.

Trust me, itll be worth it in the end!

Finish what YOU started, get your ass booked in CLICK HERE

Hard work ALWAYS pays off
Darren ‘More paint on me than the walls’ Tyrie
Aka MrT