I've been coming to Bootcamp for a year and a half now and absolutely love it. Darren and all of the other members are so supportive and are always available to lend an ear and offer advice in all aspects of training, including diet issues. When I started Bootcamp, I was overweight, depressed and incredibly unfit, but that has all changed for me. I've completed Born Survivor, The Newcastle Stampede and recently ran my first 10k. I can honestly say that Darren Tyrie has changed my life and I have met some amazing people along the way, most of which have become friends that I couldn't be without! 

Linda Hutchinson

Darren is very passionate about what he does , he is very experienced in the advantages of eating a good nutritional diet and how this can benefit weight loss and maintaining it , which will improve your overall health . The thing I like most are his sessions are good fun and varied he is genuine and he wants everyone to do well and achieve their goals.

Michelle Morris

BioSignature Modulation is a cutting-edge, non-invasive fat loss and wellness program developed by world renowned strengh coach Charles Poliquin.  The method is based on correlation between body fat storage and possible hormonal imbalances.  Hormonal imbalances are often the culprit of stubborn body fat storage and other health concerns including poor sleep, low energy, impaired cognitive function and more.  The Biosignature method focuses on addressing these imbalances to improve body composition and overall wellbeing! Through specific body fat measurements and client assessment , BioSignature practitioners recommend an individualised program of nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle modifications based on your unique BioSignature.  It is a safe and natural solution to losing stubborn body fat and achieving wellness-and ultimately, a higher quality of life!  Whether you are a professional athlete, business executive, or a stay at home mom-BioSignature can help!

BioSignature produces real, noticeable results-and fast.  It is not uncommon to see results in as little as two weeks!  Unlike other methods of fat loss available today, with BioSignature you will see improvements in many other areas of your life too.

Participants commonly report increased mental clarity, improved quality of sleep, higher energy levels, and better moods.  You can achieve all of this WITHOUT unsafe fat loss pills, hours of aerobic work, or unhealthy diet plans! Find out how you can get started with this effective and innovative approach to a leaner and healthier you.

To find out more, visit www.charlespoliquin.com/Education/Biosignature.aspx


Inititial Consultation

£65 Includes:

  • Biosignature 12 site caliper measurements
  • Weight, height and Blood pressure
  • Lifestyle and Sleep assessment
  • Specific Supplementation Protocol
  • Nutrition plan
  • Workout Plan

Follow up sessions

£40 Includes:

  • Biosignature 12 site caliper measurements
  • Weight, height and Blood pressure
  • Lifestyle and Sleep assessment
  • Nutrition support
  • Supplementation protocol review

Biosignature 12 week Commitment Package

£360 Includes:

  • Initial Consultation as above
  • 12 weekly Follow up sessions
  • Unlimited email support

Supplements sold seperatly

For further details

Please email Darren Tyrie, North East BioSignature Practitioner and Personal Trainer direct at darren@pinchaninch.co.uk or call/text 07900 826 481