If you didn’t know already….

Our famous 21 Day Body Transformation challenge starts next Saturday (12th Aug)….

At 11.30am I’ll be doing a short presentation, weigh in and measurements for 40 people


In the presentation, I’ll be covering numerous important topics to help them with their results.

One of which will be all about FAT


You see, FAT is one of the 3 macro nutrients that has had a pretty bad rap over the last few decades.

Mostly because it is higher in calories than the other 2 macro nutrients…

This is why a lot of weight loss clubs tend to remove it or keep it as low as possible to get their results!

In fact, most of us were brought up to believe that fat is EVIL

Fat makes you FAT….. (which is un true)

And that fat actually CAUSES heart disease and clogs the arteries! (research proves otherwise)

The fact is, we NEED fat in our diet

Low fat diets can actually make you sick AND gain weight

For example, in order to make our main fat burning hormone Testosterone….

We NEED cholesterol (fat) as the main ingredient!

(A lot of our hormones actually require cholesterol btw).….


Also, some of our important vitamins and minerals that our body depends on, are what we call ‘Fat Soluble’….

In other words, we can NOT absorb them without fat in the diet!….


Get this as well, every single cell in the human body is made up of a lipid layer (fat)…

Our brain is made up of 60% fat!…

What I’m trying to say is, you have to be pretty DUMB to remove it from your diet completely!

Listen up, if you were brought up to think that FAT is the devil….

and you want to LEARN more about real advanced nutrition, the SCIENCE behind fat loss and how smart fats can actually BENEFIT your results….

AND how to fix your metabolism, optimize your hormones and get in the BEST shape of your life….

We still have places left for the Challenge!

Secure YOUR place today…

Head over here>>>> http://www.pinchaninch.co.uk/21-day-body-transformation-challenge/
Darren ‘The FAT controller’ Tyrie
Aka MrT

Ps. The kinda stuff you’ll LEARN on this challenge, is the kinda stuff you can use for the rest of your life!

The results are pretty epic too! 😉

Here is that link to find out more>>>>  http://www.pinchaninch.co.uk/21-day-body-transformation-challenge/

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