I've been coming to Bootcamp for a year and a half now and absolutely love it. Darren and all of the other members are so supportive and are always available to lend an ear and offer advice in all aspects of training, including diet issues. When I started Bootcamp, I was overweight, depressed and incredibly unfit, but that has all changed for me. I've completed Born Survivor, The Newcastle Stampede and recently ran my first 10k. I can honestly say that Darren Tyrie has changed my life and I have met some amazing people along the way, most of which have become friends that I couldn't be without! 

Linda Hutchinson

Darren is very passionate about what he does , he is very experienced in the advantages of eating a good nutritional diet and how this can benefit weight loss and maintaining it , which will improve your overall health . The thing I like most are his sessions are good fun and varied he is genuine and he wants everyone to do well and achieve their goals.

Michelle Morris


Yo, I’m Darren Tyrie (aka MrT) Owner and Trainer at The Pinchaninch Body Transformation Centre. We have various different services to offer but we specialize in Fat Loss and Fitness…

We are a Family ran business based in Washington, Tyne and Wear and VERY passionate about what we do.

As an Advanced Strength coach/Personal Trainer and Biosignature Practitioner (Fat Loss Specialist) I have trained clients all over the North East to get them in the best shape of their life, helping them not just to lose weight but also helping in many other important areas of their life such as combating sleep issues, high blood pressure, stress and anxiety.

With over 15 years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry, I’ve managed various fitness facilities for the local authority in the North East and recently made it to the finals for Fitness Professional of the Year 2013.

Throughout my career I’ve trained clients of all shapes and sizes from the fittest professional athletes to out of shape busy parents, rehabilitation and even kids.

Exercising from being a very young age, I work hard, train hard and love spending time with my two little rug rats.

If you are looking to increase your fitness, TRANSFORM your body and get in the BEST shape of your life so you LOOK great and FEEL more confident, look no further!

We are based at The New Pinchaninch Body Transformation Centre on Parson Industrial Estate, Washington. Services range from Personal Training and Group Training such as Bootcamp, Boxercamp and Kettlecamp, (All designed for Fat loss and Fitness) Checkout the full timetable CLICK HERE

If you have any queries feel free to email any time at darren@pinchaninch.co.uk

Passionate about RESULTS!….


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