I've been coming to Bootcamp for a year and a half now and absolutely love it. Darren and all of the other members are so supportive and are always available to lend an ear and offer advice in all aspects of training, including diet issues. When I started Bootcamp, I was overweight, depressed and incredibly unfit, but that has all changed for me. I've completed Born Survivor, The Newcastle Stampede and recently ran my first 10k. I can honestly say that Darren Tyrie has changed my life and I have met some amazing people along the way, most of which have become friends that I couldn't be without! 

Linda Hutchinson

Darren is very passionate about what he does , he is very experienced in the advantages of eating a good nutritional diet and how this can benefit weight loss and maintaining it , which will improve your overall health . The thing I like most are his sessions are good fun and varied he is genuine and he wants everyone to do well and achieve their goals.

Michelle Morris

21 day challengelogo

Due to the popular demand and AMAZING RESULTS from our last 21 day Challenge we have started taking names for our next one. This could be your chance to kickstart that new healthier lifestyle with 100% support and the most up to date knowledge and training methods in the industry.


Do you want to shed unbelievable amounts of Body Fat in just 21 days?

Do you want a leaner more toned body for summer 2017?

Do you want to kick start a new healthier lifestyle?

Do you want more energy, increased fitness?

Do you want to improve your whole body function including, digestion system, immune system and overall vitality?

Do you want to improve your overall well being and mental clarity?

Do you want unlimited support, guidance and motivation?

Do you want to learn key strategies to control your weight forever?





This Challenge is not for the Faint hearted! This challenge is only for people seeking serious results and involves sticking to our time proved food and exercise programme. This programme is designed to turbo charge your metabolism and burn off as much unwanted body fat as possible in just 21 days. With an average weight loss of 14lb our last challengers were that amazed they have signed up their friends and family up for the next one! So, just to let you know, spaces are strictly limited and sorry to say it’s first come, first served!!!




Ever joined the gym and had no support? and no real RESULTS?

Our unique support system is unlike any other, pulling together and motivating each other every step of the way. The camaraderie, friendship and support from fellow bootcampers is second to none. Everyone in the same boat, getting awesome results and having an awesome time in the process. Daily/weekly contact with your trainer will keep you focused, positive and motivated throughout.


Testimonial: Helen C

I had struggled for a year to bring my eating habits back to healthy and I had failed
to lose any weight so I eagerly signed up for the Pinchaninch 21 day body Transformation
challenge. The literature in the handout provided was very easy to follow if not
a little daunting in places. The recipes were 100% wholesome, filling and easy
to follow. Darren’s support along with fellow Boot campers was motivational. In
21 Days I lost a whopping 11.5lbs, 4cm off my hips and 7cm off my waist. The
challenge has also affected my family life as we all eat a much healthier diet.
It is tough, there is no doubt but staying focused on results with continued
encouragement from Darren I was successful. I would do the challenge again and definitely
recommend to anyone wishing to make a healthy lifestyle change.


Testimonial: John B

I’ve trained with Pinch an Inch for just over 12 months now, and I’ve always really enjoyed the sessions, particularly the variety and wide availability across the week. The element of training I’ve always struggled with however is the nutrition side of things: the 21 Day Challenge looked to be the solution to this, and a great pre-emptive strike on the upcoming Christmas excesses! The plan is really easy to follow: with several choices for each meal and a wide variety of healthy snacks. The recipes are really easy to follow, not to mention tasty and filling – you certainly don’t go hungry on this programme! With the information pack and Darren’s ongoing advice, I felt supported throughout the challenge – the most important element of the challenge though is having the willpower to stick to food plan and make sure you get as much training in as possible. As Darren says, hard work always pays off. When it came to the weigh-in I was nervous, hoping that the sacrifices and hard work would pay off. I ended up losing 20.5lb, 10cm off my waist and 3% body fat. If there are a bunch of you doing the challenge together, make sure you talk to each other about any issues you’re having, successes, recipe ideas, exercise tips, and help to support each other through the process. It will all be worth it in the end! I would recommend the 21 Day Challenge to anyone, regardless of current fitness ability or body shape. if you put the work in its a guaranteed way to lose body fat, tone up, and make you feel great.

Testimonial: Steve G

Before the 21 Day Challenge I’d settled into the 45 year old getting middle age spread and don’t care attitude…afterwards having seen myself  lose 16lb and drop a jeans size I’m hooked…many thanks to Darren for the never-ending support and advice. Message to everyone-take a month out of your life and just do it!!! Unbelievable how much better I feel now, apart from binning 5 pairs of jeans cos they’re too big!!!



So, what’s included? and What’s involved?

  • Starting weigh in and measurements
  • Group Induction/training session
  • Full 21 day food plan and Guidance pack
  • Supplement program to optimize hormones
  • Recipes pack
  • Food/exercise diary
  • Home workouts
  • Unlimited access to all BoxercampBootcamp and Kettlecamp sessions
  • Unlimited online support (priceless)
  • Access to one of the North East’s best Fat Loss coaches for 21 days to LEARN the science behind Nutrition, Hormones, Sleep, Stress and Exercise.
  • End measurements and evaluation


Here’s the great part, book now and only pay


WARNING, our spaces are limited, the last Challenge sold out within one week!

Do yourself a favor- Stop thinking, Start acting and make 2017 different!



Did I mention this challenge is 100% Guaranteed!

Guaranteed results for £59.95!!! That’s a small price to pay to get into the best shape of your life, get your confidence back AND feel amazing!

Next challenge starts Sat 21st October 2017! What are you waiting for book now, you have nothing to lose. If your not 100% satisfied, you get every penny back!



For further details, contact us now

Email darren@pinchaninch.co.uk
or call 07900 826 481

Hope to see you soon


Darren Tyrie

Strength Coach and Fat Loss specialist

Passionate about results!